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The team at Skyflow is dedicated to ensuring that sensitive data is stored and utilized safely and securely. Skyflow was founded in 2019. Our inspiration was the zero trust data privacy vaults giant companies like Apple and Netflix pioneered to protect, store, and manage the sensitive customer information that was at the core of their businesses. Our mission is to deliver data privacy vaults via a simple and elegant API, so every app and system can have best-of-breed data privacy.

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Latest Content From Skyflow

Research Report: 2022 The State of Application Data Privacy and Security

by SkyflowMar 13, 2022

Learn how software engineering, IT, and security teams are addressing the need for greater data access, while delivering data privacy that meets or exceeds security and compliance requirements in the Dark Reading's State of Application Data Privacy and Security 2022 survey report.

Whitepaper: Five Cardinal Sins of Data Security and Privacy

by SkyflowMar 09, 2022

Getting products to market as fast as possible is essential to your company's survival, but taking shortcuts can be very costly. Whatever stage your organization is in, it's never too late to improve your focus on data privacy and security.

As you search for the best way to balance both speed and security, here are the five cardinal sins of data privacy that companies all too often commit — and how to avoid them.

Whitepaper: De-identifying Analytics Data with Skyflow

by SkyflowMar 09, 2022

Sensitive data often finds its way into analytical data pipelines where it is rarely needed, adding security and compliance risk. However, blindly purging such data risks breaking use cases.

Download this whitepaper to learn:
• How a data privacy vault and tokenization can help vastly reduce security and compliance concerns.
• How to implement this within your architecture.
• How to achieve zero-touch workflow execution, where you can execute workflows on sensitive data without your systems touching it.