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Delinea is a leading provider of cloud-ready privileged access management (PAM) solutions that empower cybersecurity for the modern, hybrid enterprise.

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Latest Content From Delinea

Webcast: Implementing Zero Trust in Your Enterprise

by DelineaJun 21, 2022

Attackers have shown time and again that perimeter security is no longer enough to keep them out. The concept of internal users and outsiders doesn’t work in network defense when attackers use credential theft and lateral movement to pretend they are legitimate internal users. The zero-trust model – trust nothing, verify everything – sounds straightforward, but it can be a challenge to deploy. In this webinar, learn from the experts what zero-trust looks like in practice, how to create a multi-layered defense, and what challenges to overcome along the way. You will learn the first steps to take toward implementing a zero-trust model in your organization.

Webcast: PAM for the Extended Enterprise

by DelineaApr 19, 2022

We’re seeing cloud transformation plans accelerate as organizations scramble to keep their business running amid a large-scale shift to remote work.

In the race to go live, security teams struggle to ensure the same protections for cloud-hosted workloads as those on-premises.

Please join Tony Goulding, Cybersecurity Evangelist at Delinea as he explores the challenges, impacts, and best practices for extending Privileged Access Management (PAM) to protect cloud-hosted instances.