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LogicMonitor is the leading SaaS-based unified observability and IT operations data collaboration platform for enterprise IT and managed service providers. Gain IT insights, seamless data collaboration at scale, and visibility into networks, cloud, applications, servers, log data and more within one unified platform.

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Latest Content From LogicMonitor

Research Report: G2 Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Report

by LogicMonitorMar 31, 2022

Here's what you'll find in the report:
• G2 Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Grid: A comprehensive overview of the Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Software landscape from validated, third-party data.
• Head-to-Head Product Comparisons: How the top cloud infrastructure monitoring softwares stack up in terms of satisfaction, ease of use, implementation and ROI.
• Real User Testimonials: Don't take it from us. Find out why other IT Pros are turning to LogicMonitor.

E-Book: The Ultimate Guide to Observability

by LogicMonitorMar 31, 2022

Observability is key to gaining better control and visibility of your organization's applications, networks, and infrastructure. However, it can be challenging to reach end-to-end observability as our infrastructures become more and more complex.

Download this eBook for a deep dive into the meaning of observability, how to reach observability, and what to do once your organization is there.

Whitepaper: 8 Steps to Achieving O11y

by LogicMonitorMar 31, 2022

Full-stack observability is key to gaining control and visibility of your systems. This guide will walk you through steps needed to reach observability, and how to best utilize your observable system once you're there.

Whitepaper: Sensirion Goes From 12 Incidents Annually To Near Zero With LogicMonitor

by LogicMonitorMar 31, 2022

Swiss manufacturer focuses on problem prevention, not troubleshooting, after LogicMonitor consolidates eight platforms into one

Research Report: Evolution of IT Research Report

by LogicMonitorMar 31, 2022

LogicMonitor asked 500 global IT leaders from across the globe how their departments are evolving to maintain SLAs and business continuity amidst the 2020 global pandemic.

Webcast: Unlocking the Path to Automation

by LogicMonitorMay 11, 2022

Automation, for some, can be scary. A few common misconceptions are that it will replace jobs, require a huge initial cost investment, and lead to even more complications. Our experts will help you unlock all the benefits of automation in this webinar. You will learn how to enhance productivity, increase revenue, and improve customer experience. Shift gears from focusing on “keeping the lights on” tasks to driving innovation within your organization through intuitive automation.