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Duality empowers organizations to unlock the value of their sensitive data through privacy preserving collaboration.

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Latest Content From Duality

Research Report: Osterman Research Report: Privacy Compliance in the United States, Status and Progress in 2022

by DualityApr 25, 2022

Organizations have proven more adept in protecting their own confidential and sensitive data than the personal and sensitive data of customers and employees. Privacy regulations have become a key tool for regulators and governments to force organizations to pay more attention to the data collected, processed, stored, and shared on individuals.

The purpose of this study was to understand how organizations in the United States are responding to the emergence of new privacy regulations.

Key takeaways:
• Only half of organizations have mature approaches for complying with privacy regulations
• Fundamental data disciplines are lacking for personal data
• New technical solutions are key to protecting personal data better

Whitepaper: Privacy Preserving Genome Wide Association Studies Powered by Duality

by DualityApr 25, 2022

Cross-Institutional data collaboration has several challenges, data privacy being the most critical.

How can large amounts of data from different entities be pooled together, privately and securely, to provide the basis for accurate data discovery and analysis?

See how the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, an affiliate of the Harvard Medical School, utilized the Duality platform for their Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) for:
• Analyses on fully encrypted data, preserving privacy every step of the way
• Scalability that enabled 100,000+ data sets to be analyzed rapidly
• Quicker approval process with legal teams in participating entities, since all data is encrypted

Research Report: Inter-Bank Privacy Enhanced Information Sharing: Fraud Detection and Prevention

by DualityMar 31, 2022

Bank fraud is a growing epidemic that has spread to financial institutions throughout the world. This report makes a business case for the use of privacy-enhancing technologies that enable banks to share customer account and device information, thus raising the maturity of their fraud detection and prevention capability.

Key takeaways from the research and analysis:
• The anonymity of digital banking has changed the landscape of financial crime.
• Bank data sharing needs to extend beyond government agencies and third-party clearing houses to effectively combat fraud.
• Privacy-enhancing technology is the ideal enabler of decentralized inter-bank information sharing, encrypting shared data while allowing the underlying account and device data to be queried and analyzed. Read now to learn more.