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Microsoft Security

Microsoft Security helps protect people and data against cyberthreats to give you peace of mind. A comprehensive approach to security that's end-to-end, best in breed and AI driven can help you be fearless.

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Latest Content From Microsoft Security

E-Book: IoT and OT: Evolving Cyberthreats and Strategies for Risk Mitigation

by Microsoft SecurityMay 09, 2022

The recent proliferation of attacks against IoT and OT systems is driving increased awareness of the extent that virtual attacks can cause harm in physical scenarios, making IoT and OT security a high-priority issue. Mitigating these vulnerabilities requires taking an integrated, holistic approach that spans the entire organization and applies the same Zero Trust principles implemented in IT security.

This e-book discusses the current threat landscape, compiled from research presented in the recent Microsoft Digital Defense Report, along with security policy considerations and best practices to help keep IoT and OT systems protected.

E-Book: IT and OT Convergence Is Happening, but Is Security Ready?

by Microsoft SecurityMay 09, 2022

The growth of connected devices has presented CISOs across all industries - from automotive to waste management - with dramatically more vulnerable networks and larger threat landscapes. With comprehensive security that eliminates blind spots, provides continuous detection, enables rapid response and hardens security, they can be fearless.

For deeper insights on securing networks with both IT and OT devices, check out our eBook: IT and OT convergence is happening, but is security ready? What is a CISO to do?

Whitepaper: Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Microsoft Defender for IoT

by Microsoft SecurityMay 08, 2022

This whitepaper profiles several organizations and presents an economic model showing how the average Global 2000 firm can realize annual multi-million-dollar savings by implementing agentless OT security monitoring with Defender for IoT.

Whitepaper: Building Operational Resilience in Industrial & Critical Infrastructure

by Microsoft SecurityMay 08, 2022

Learn about the consequences of cyberattacks on Operational Technology (OT) and industrial control system (ICS) environments, key pain points, and how PwC and Microsoft are working together to strengthen OT/ICS security for joint clients.