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MixMode is a next-generation cloud-native threat and anomaly detection platform for high-volume data feeds that utilizes self-learning AI to identify advanced threats in any environment. MixMode can detect the full spectrum of known threats and novel, never-before-seen threats while helping the world's best security teams increase efficiency and innovation in the SOC.

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Whitepaper: The Failed Promises of SIEM

by MixModeAug 01, 2022

While security information and event management (SIEM) vendors continue to insist their technology is sufficient to meet the dynamic challenges and exceptionally complex threatscape faced by cybersecurity teams today, their behavior in the marketplace and overall performance tells a different story.

Read "Failed Promises of SIEM" to Learn:

  • The evolution of SIEM in the cyber industry
  • Why Many SIEM Vendors Have Failed to Meet their Promises
  • How to Improve on the Typical SIEM Model

Whitepaper: Is "One-Click-Remediation" Intentionally Misleading SOC Teams

by MixModeAug 01, 2022

Advanced Cyber Threat Detection platforms providing automated attack protection are thriving, while legacy, data dependent cyber tools continue to struggle. To counteract the ever-increasing lack of customer confidence, legacy tool vendors are making increasingly bold and inaccurate claims to boost revenues. Most recently, one-click, automated remediation has emerged as a popular "click-bait" headline. In this Whitepaper we'll discuss why these claims can be intentionally misleading and in some cases harmful to the SOC.

Read "Is One-Click Remediation Intentionally Misleading SOC Teams" to Learn:

  • Why Security Platform Vendors Keep Breaking Their Promises
  • False Narratives in the Cyber Market
  • The Fallacy of "One-Click-Remediation"
  • How Your SOC can Overcome these Pitfalls

Whitepaper: Self-Learning Cyber Defense for Financial Services - Intelligence Achieved

by MixModeAug 01, 2022

The country's largest Financial Services companies are a favorite target for nation-state sponsored and coordinated cyber-attacks to cause economic damage and disruption. Despite a significantly larger investment in cybersecurity than almost any other industry, breaches and successful novel attacks against these organizations still remain a daily occurrence.

Learn how one of the Largest Financial Services Institutions in the US:

  • Deployed a Next-Gen Threat Detection Platform to ingest and analyze otherwise unmanageable volumes of cloud-based data
  • Identified active, novel attacks designed to bypass existing cybersecurity platforms
  • Unburdened its security team from false positives within the first week of deployment