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Kolide is an endpoint security solution for teams that want to meet compliance goals without sacrificing privacy. If you are considering a third-party audit like SOC 2 or ISO 27001, you should be prepared to answer some tough questions about endpoint security. And if you are not sure how you will answer those questions, then you need Kolide. Kolide is an endpoint security tool for Mac, Windows, and Linux devices that does things MDMs can not and gives you the visibility you need to meet your third-party and internal compliance goals. You can meet your security goals and pass your audit without compromising privacy.

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Whitepaper: Honest Security

by KolideSep 27, 2022

A guide to endpoint security and device management that doesn't erode your values


1. The values your organization stands behind should be well-represented in your security program.

2. A positive working relationship between the end-user and the security team is incredibly valuable and worth fostering.

3. This relationship is built on a foundation of trust that is demonstrated through informed consent and transparency.

4. The security team should anticipate and expect that end-users use their company-owned devices for personal activities and design their detection capabilities with this in mind.

5. End-users are capable of making rational and informed decisions about security risks when educated and honestly motivated.