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Mend, formerly known as WhiteSource, effortlessly secures what developers create. Mend uniquely removes the burden of application security, allowing development teams to deliver quality, secure code, faster. With a proven track record of successfully meeting complex and large-scale application security needs, the world' most demanding software developers rely on Mend. The company has more than 1,000 customers, including 25 percent of the Fortune 100, and manages Renovate, the open-source automated dependency update project. For more information, visit, the Mend blog, and Mend on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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E-Book: Top Tactics for AppSec Innovation

by MendNov 08, 2022

While choosing the right technology is important, it's only one part of building AppSec innovation. After three years as the head of application security at a multibillion-dollar technology company, Mend Senior Solutions Architect Chris Lindsey shares some of the key tactics that helped him integrate application security into the application development cycle. Some of the strategies that worked best include:

  • Find out what you don't know
  • Bake application security into developer onboarding
  • Show, don't tell

Whitepaper: Five Principles of Modern Application Security Programs

by MendNov 08, 2022

As a foundational element of the digital world, applications are increasingly targeted by threat actors. However, traditional application security strategies often prove ineffective. To adapt to the constantly evolving threat landscape of today's digital world, IT and security leaders need to build a modern AppSec strategy designed to support demanding development cycles while also ensuring application security. Read on to discover the value of five key principles for modern AppSec:

  • Meticulous prep and planning
  • Beyond shift left: Shift smart
  • The importance of automation
  • The value of governance
  • DevSecOps demands cultural change

Whitepaper: The-Devil-in-The-Details-The-Importance-of-SBOMs-in-Protecting-the-Software-Supply-Chain

by MendNov 08, 2022

What's next with SBOMs? A Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) gives greater transparency to those who produce, purchase, and operate the software. Learn how to use SBOMs to better track and fix known and newly emerging vulnerabilities to keeping your applications secure.