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Twingate is a Zero Trust Networking solution that enables businesses of all sizes to secure remote access to their private apps, data, and environments, whether they are on-premise or in the cloud. Built to make the lives of developers, DevOps, IT teams, and end users easier, Twingate deploys in minutes and replaces outdated, insecure, and difficult-to-maintain corporate VPNs which were not built to handle the "work from anywhere" world where cloud-based assets and remote work are now the norm.

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Latest Content From Twingate

Whitepaper: Inside Look: The Twingate Security Whitepaper

by TwingateDec 09, 2022

Implementing a Zero Trust access model for tech-centric organizations does not have to be complex and time consuming. Twingate is a lightweight, Zero-Trust Access (ZTA) solution offering better performance, end-user usability, and security for businesses looking to leapfrog their Zero Trust journey and move away from burdensome VPNs. Download this security whitepaper to learn how a new-age product architecture supports:

  • Hiding networks for secure remote access
  • Better usability for administrators, developers, and end-users
  • Granular and programmatic access control, at the resource level
  • Strong reliability, scalability, and performance

Infographic: Decoding the ZTNA Landscape: Modern versus Legacy

by TwingateDec 09, 2022

"ZTNA" is a buzzword that often gets misused by vendors trying to repackage their legacy VPN solutions. A modern ZTNA, however, should be designed and architected specifically for a holistic ZTNA model. Download this brief two-pager to understand ways a modern ZTNA solution differentiates itself from legacy hardware-based and cloud solutions in terms of:

  • Design paradigms
  • Philosophy
  • Network architecture
  • Features / use cases enabled

E-Book: The Usability Problem in Zero Trust Adoption

by TwingateDec 09, 2022

Adopting "Zero Trust" may mean different things to different organizations, but usability is almost a universal problem. In particular, a user-friendly, scalable access control interface is hard to come by for the various IT, Security, and DevOps administrators using them. Download this ebook to learn more about:

  • Why usability in access control is a cybersecurity imperative
  • The usability problem in security
  • How better access control can simplify on-ramp for Zero Trust
  • Twingate's approach to the problem

E-Book: Rethinking Network Connectivity for a Zero Trust Future

by TwingateDec 09, 2022

Many IT and Security leaders are questioning how legacy network models will fit into the future of their Zero Trust roadmaps. It can be especially tough if their current solutions are architected with a legacy, perimeter-based defense in mind. Undeniably, models for network connectivity will also need to evolve for Zero Trust. Luckily, it might not be as difficult as it sounds. Download this ebook to learn more about:

  • Why traditional and Cloud-based network models are outdated
  • Reasons the future will be in distributed network
  • Ways to architect Zero Trust access for the future
  • Twingate's approach to the problem