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Vectra AI

Vectra® is the leader in security AI-driven cyber threat detection and response for hybrid cloud. Vectra's patented Attack Signal Intelligence™ detects and prioritizes threats across public cloud, SaaS, identity, and networks in a single platform. Vectra's Attack Signal Intelligence™ goes beyond simple anomaly detection to analyze and understand attacker behavior. The resulting high-fidelity signal and deep context enables security operations teams to prioritize, investigate and respond to cyber-attacks in progress sooner and faster. Organizations worldwide rely on the Vectra platform and MDR services to stay ahead of modern cyber-attacks.

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Latest Content From Vectra AI

Research Report: ESG Research - The Evolving Role of NDR

by Vectra AIFeb 15, 2023

In this report, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) surveys Network Detection & Response (NDR) power users to learn how hybrid & multi-cloud influence the application of NDR.

Download the report, learn why:

  • 46% report that NDRs are their most effective threat detection and response mechanism
  • 53% report leveraging NDR for a high-fidelity signal
  • 47% report advancing the lifecycle of their incident response processes

E-Book: NDR Buyer’s Guide for Hybrid and Multicloud Enterprises

by Vectra AIFeb 15, 2023

Learn the top considerations for purchasing Network Detection & Response (NDR).

Download to find the right solution for you, rooted in:

  • Coverage: Evaluate a solution that covers both on-prem and hybrid networks, including multiple attack surfaces
  • Clarity: Prioritize solutions that consume cross-network data for high visibility & signal efficacy
  • Control: Invest in a solution that your teams use to drive efficiency in their processes

Whitepaper: Why Security Teams are Replacing IDS with Network Detection Response (NDR)

by Vectra AIFeb 14, 2023

This whitepaper covers the attack patterns and use cases leading security teams to move away from traditional IDS solutions towards Network Detection & Response.

Discover a new solution for IDS, and learn:

  • How attackers skirt perimeter and signature-based defenses
  • Why NDR, prioritizing in-network detection, is quickly replacing IDS
  • Where and how NDR solutions can detect advanced attack behaviors