Whitepaper: Increasing Sales in Inbound Call Centers With Predictive CallCenter

by SPSSJan 01, 2008

PredictiveCallCenter uses proven analysis methods to instantly provide personalized offers and recommendations, as well as selling points to help agents make the offers. PredictiveCallCenter is designed to integrate with existing call center and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, so companies can leverage their existing investments to add a critical link in their multi-channel strategies. And PredictiveCallCenter is able to automatically incorporate internal and external contact restrictions, to adhere to customer preferences and company guidelines.

Whitepaper: Optimize Personal Interviewing Processes

by SPSSJan 01, 2008

Personal interviewing often results in higher response rates. Yet paper questionnaires can be inefficient and make poor use of the interviewees’ time. Tablet PCs are transforming data collection - extending the mobility and practicality of Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI). This paper from SPSS explains the problem faced by Greenwich Associates and now they believe tablet PCs are the future of personal interviewing. The open architecture of the Dimensions market research platform made it easy to customize a Dimensions Tablet Interviewing solution for their specific business and technology requirements.