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Whitepaper: Integrating the SIM Card Into J2ME as a Security Element - A Smarter Approach to Secure Java Mobile Applications: JSR177

by GemplusJan 01, 2008

In a market where mobile phones increasingly support data communications and wireless networks promise more flexible mobility solutions, higher bandwidth and network interoperability, Open OS will be required to enable mobile devices to efficiently host and manage different applications and services enabled by wireless networks. It addresses the JSR177 Smart Card communication API and set of cryptographic high level APIs useful to benefit from (U) SIM card services.

Whitepaper: Mobile Proximity Services: Bringing the Best of Physical & Mobile Worlds to End-Users

by GemplusJan 01, 2008

Recent trends in the mobile industry show that mobile devices and the smart card within integrate more technology to enable more services with more security needs linked to applications, such as mobile payment. Already used for remote services, mobile devices can also play a key role in proximity services. In some countries, using the handset to pay for mass transit public transportation is likely to drive the adoption of mobile devices in this field.

Whitepaper: Introducing the USIM for 3G Services

by GemplusJan 01, 2008

The central role in the success of GSM was played by SIM, which is also part of 3G in a new guise, the USIM or Universal SIM. This carries out the same functions as its 2G cousin such as authenticating the user on the network and securing access to the network services but also acts as a means of ensuring continuity of services when migrating to 3G and also enabling the new range of a data services on offer. It explains the essential role of the smart card for both operators and subscribers.

Whitepaper: The Role of the SIM: Creating a Positive Mobile Experience

by GemplusJan 01, 2008

In the GSM world, no customer can be connected to the network without his or her SIM. The historical and fundamental role of the SIM card is the authentication of the subscriber on the network. This is done through security parameters and algorithms stored on the card. This paper from Gemplus looks at how SIM-enabled solutions can be leveraged to build brand awareness and new service delivery, both in 2G, 3G and increasingly CDMA networks. This in turn will enable the operator to utilize the SIM and take advantage of its unique position as the only operator-owned item in the hands of its subscribers.

Whitepaper: The Role of the SIM in Wireless LAN (WLAN) - Where the Opportunities Lie?

by GemplusJan 01, 2008

The wireless LAN market is a niche market set to gain greater momentum. The deployment of WLAN equipment in public access places, SMEs, SoHos and residential areas is expected to become widespread in the near future. The fact that WLANs can be more cost effective than wired LANs and that it provides access to a network anywhere in the building, make this technology an excellent solution to improve a company’s efficiency and customer satisfaction. More and more laptops, PDAs, home network appliances, etc. are WLAN enabled and this is just the beginning.