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Whitepaper: Introduction to CRM Sales Force Automation

by Salesboom.comJan 01, 2008

CRM system is the vehicle for sales force automation. By investing in an online CRM system, one can bring their sales, marketing, support and even back-end business lines under one umbrella. As an enterprise business solution, on-demand CRM is cost efficient, and requires reasonable investment in terms of training to upgrade to an automated sales force. This is good news for any business looking to adopt and evolve business intelligence using CRM software systems.

Whitepaper: Guidelines for a Successful CRM

by Salesboom.comJan 01, 2008

The paper published by Salesboom provides guidelines for a successful CRM. This paper explores some of the driving forces that motivate organizations to consider Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions and to point to some of the best-practices in implementing them. This paper helps teams responsible for CRM planning to focus on key strategies and future market trends. It is meant as a support for making good CRM choices based on pro-active planning.

Whitepaper: CRM - Eliminate Layers of Complexity

by Salesboom.comJan 01, 2008

This paper from describes how with the on-demand CRM services it is possible to avoid the burden of complex application development and integration because they deliver multi-option, tightly integrated portal platforms for workplace collaboration. When developing a proprietary architecture, it is necessary to go through a process of creating and developing models that are worked and reworked, discarded and/or refined until they satisfy the desired result. Lists of some typical models are listed in this paper and they constitute the ’layers of complexity’ in application development.

Whitepaper: How to Find the Right On-Demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) / Sales Force Automation (SFA) Provider - For the Best Price

by Salesboom.comJan 01, 2008

On-Demand Customer Relationship Management / Sales Force Automation (SFA) services have been around for quite some time now. Originally purported as being a cost-effective solution allowing Small-Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) access to traditionally Enterprise class software, it has grown by leaps and bounds. Yet the price point of entry is still inaccessible to the vast majority of Small-Medium sized Businesses. In this white paper, Sales boom will analyze the cost of major On-Demand Customer Relationship Management / Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution providers, and determine which one makes the best tool for the job - and at the right price.

Whitepaper: CRM Vendors Finding Solutions for Insurance Companies

by Salesboom.comJan 01, 2008

It seems that to become and remain customer centric, success can only be found when supported by the right, on-demand, enterprise-wide, CRM (customer relationship management) deployment. Customers have made service an issue for Insurance organizations, and to support the customers with everything they need, to be and stay satisfied is a huge challenge on top of all the ones mentioned above. The insurers are looking for CRM implementations that are designed to help them reach business goals, improve client retention and lower costs across the board, while remaining efficient.

Whitepaper: Benefits of an ’On-Demand’ CRM Solution Over a Software Based Integration Solution

by Salesboom.comJan 01, 2008

An on-demand CRM solution meets all the demands that the business needs, whether they’re supplied up-front or are constantly changing. This is an essential part of the ’software as a service’ model, because once one chooses its CRM provider, they have to continue earning the business from month to month. With the list of features constantly growing, one will find that the on-demand CRM choice will constantly improve itself without missing a beat. From analytical sales data, report generating, marketing automation, complete compatibility with legacy systems in place.

Whitepaper: Understanding Correct Roles and Responsibilities of the Users of an End-to-End Automotive CRM Solution

by Salesboom.comJan 01, 2008

Providing an end-to-end Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation and Enterprise Resource Planning software solution to an entire automotive business cycle is an extremely large undertaking. In this white paper, Salesboom touches on each part of the automotive industry’s chain of physical and transparent locations, and how a proper automotive CRM solution can help automate the tasks and processes present at each. However, each process can vary depending on the unique individual business processes practiced at each location, so this white paper should be used as a guide only, and may need to be adapted to fit individual needs.

Whitepaper: CRM for Your Small Business?: It’s for You, and It’s Affordable

by Salesboom.comJan 01, 2008

On-demand CRM solutions and software-as-a-service solutions are going to meet the business needs 100%. This service comes hand in hand with ""Software as service"" model because after people have chosen the CRM provider, they must continue to earn his/her business on a monthly basis. As the business grows and the list of needs being to get longer and more intricate, he or she will come to find that making the choice to move to an Online CRM solution will have been an excellent one.

Whitepaper: Customer Satisfaction = Customer Loyalty: Achieve It With Online CRM Customer Relationship Management

by Salesboom.comJan 01, 2008 is an on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) service provider that offers small and medium sized businesses the opportunity to tap into a technology that is reserved for large corporations. Salesboom CRM software will analyze and understand sources of top customer queries and allow managers to proactively address top issues to provide even better services. The definition of loyalty is when a customer is faithful to one’s business and product brand. They will return again and again to do business, even when one may not have the best product, price or delivery service.

Whitepaper: Relationship Banking With CRM Solutions

by Salesboom.comJan 01, 2008

Retail banking has become very popular over the past decade. It is about becoming customer focused, serving high volumes of clients, providing them the ability to do many types of transactions quickly, efficiently, via various methods like phone, online web-based services. The goals are to acquire as many clients as possible, gaining higher market share. In this financial banking world, quantity counts more than quality. Due to these strategies, customer service can get left by the way side. CRM software applications will help the financial service companies get smarter about in how they become involved with the client relationships.