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Whitepaper: Better PDF for Business

by NuanceAug 01, 2008

Existing investments in connected desktop PC systems, coupled with the pervasiveness of Microsoft Office, should provide organizations with the ability to easily automate their document processes. However, in spite of advances in technology, the costs associated with creating, sharing and storing documents continue to rise.

The single greatest challenge to streamlining document-based processes in business is the fact that there are two incompatible dominant electronic document formats - Microsoft� Office and PDF. Microsoft Office provides millions of corporate, government and academic professionals a rich environment for document creation and collaborative authoring.

Unfortunately the editable Microsoft Word file format is not well suited for electronic publishing and online document storage. On the other hand, PDF has expanded from its traditional roots as a design and pre-press tool to an electronic file sharing standard providing business users with a format that is well suited for the distribution, viewing and archiving of documents.

The net result is that Microsoft Word is the standard for authoring and editing business documents, while PDF is becoming the preferred way of distributing and sharing business documents online.

This white paper provides an overview of current electronic document trends, an understanding of the new role that PDF has gained within business and a summary of solutions that allow organizations to move information more seamlessly between Microsoft Office and PDF.

Whitepaper: Getting More Out of PDF

by NuanceAug 01, 2008

Did you know that IDC estimates that the average cost per workers to manually re-work documents from PDF formats is more than $5,000 per year? This white paper examines how PDF Converter delivers cost-savings benefits by converting PDF files into fully formatted and editable Microsoft Word documents.

Whitepaper: What is PDF?

by NuanceAug 01, 2008

We use PDF files all the time, yet few of us understand what they are and how a PDF document differs from the original file. This concise white paper explains in everyday language the various content types of PDF files and how they are structured.

Whitepaper: The Voice Automation Top 10: Key Considerations for Deploying Speech

by NuanceJan 01, 2008

Voice automation is superior for businesses that must provide information and services to increasingly mobile customers, employees, and partners. It works from any phone, and can provide easy access to a range of Web, customer care, and other back-office systems. If there is a way to automate the decision-making process involved in an inquiry, then voice is a possible solution.

Whitepaper: Delivering Cost Savings and the Best Customer Experience: Speech Versus DTMF

by NuanceJan 01, 2008

Now a days one of the topic of ongoing debate for many companies is basically that the issue of providing customer care using solutions built with speech recognition technology versus DTMF (i.e., touch-tone)-based systems. Companies that have not deployed speech believe that their current customer care strategies that rely on DTMF-based IVR systems are already providing sufficiently high automation and self-service rates; they remain skeptical that the addition of speech recognition would yield sufficient incremental benefit to justify the investment. The purpose of this is to demonstrate the emergence of speech recognition and its advantages relative to DTMF.

Whitepaper: Customer Experience: The Five Essential Facts That Every Company Needs to Know

by NuanceJan 01, 2008

Companies looking to succeed in today’s complex, competitive, and rapidly changing marketplace can’t afford to rely on traditional business strategies. An added focus on customer experience is essential, since the vast majority of customer interactions begin over the phone, smart managers will focus on this first point of contact - especially since there’s so much room for improvement there. Touchtone systems are falling short, but voice automation can afford companies the multiple benefits of taking care of their customers, bolstering their bottom lines, and contributing to a strong brand differentiation strategy.