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Whitepaper: Future Impacts of RFID on e-Supply Chains in Grocery Retailing

by Emerald Group PublishingJan 01, 2008

The paper published by RFID describes that research within the context of the grocery industry outlines the market drivers that affect the way the grocery industry approaches RFID and also specific areas of research on RFID that should be undertaken to better provide the grocery industry with managerial insights into this technology’s application.

Whitepaper: Wireless Product Identification: Enabler for Handling Efficiency, Customisation and Information Sharing

by Emerald Group PublishingJan 01, 2008

The need to present more valuable service for the customers and, at the same time, to cut the cost of the delivery process is the most difficult problem in supply chain management. The aim of this paper is to indicate the reasons for using wireless product identification in supply chain management, and present current supply chain applications using wireless product identification.

Whitepaper: Training and Expectations on Job Mobility in the Call Centres Sector

by Emerald Group PublishingJan 01, 2008

This paper, analyzes whether the participation of workers in general, sector-specific, and firm-specific training affects their expectations on job mobility within or outside the call centers sector. The call center sector is an interesting sector in this respect, since firms are forced to offer training due to the lack of specific vocational training in initial education. The sector is a fast-growing branch of industry with a high level of personnel turnover. The job commitment among call center agents traditionally is quite low which places the problem of tying workers to the firm prominently on the firms’ human resource management agenda.