Whitepaper: ISIG/WEB: A Web-Based Tool for Viewing and Editing Maps

by CPqDJan 01, 2008

The Federal Government as well as the Brazilian private organizations have widely discussed about the Free Software. Brazilian politicians and economists are interested in the use of Free Software platforms for social services provisioning. Here one gets to know about a Web-based distributed platform for visualization, manipulation and edition of maps, which can potentially improve the government efficiency in planning, provisioning and management of social actions.

Whitepaper: Integrating Telecom Outside Plant Systems Through The GML Standard

by CPqDJan 01, 2008

Technology innovations and business drivers are in constant shift in the telecommunication area. This constant evolution leads to alterations in telecom outside plant management systems internal properties such as the addition of new equipments, services or business rules. This white paper from CPqD introduces the Telecommunication Outside Plant Markup Language (TOPML), an OpenGis GML (Geographic Markup Language) application schema designed to describe telecommunication outside plant data in