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Whitepaper: Offshore Outsourcing: Capitalizing On Lessons Learned A Conference For Thought Leaders

by University of TorontoJan 01, 2008

This research paper discusses what seems to be going on in practice with China’s integration process into the global economy in the context of recent OECD literature on outsourcing. Academic literature (such as Grossman and Helpman (2005)) stresses outsourcing as resourcing of components and intermediate inputs by large firms which involves cross border transactions. Public concern over outsourcing is focused on broader considerations of job loss and impacts on wage rates.

Whitepaper: International Workshop on Information Quality in Information Systems (IQIS 2006) in Cooperation and Co-Located With ACM SIGMOD 2006

by University of TorontoJan 01, 2008

This white paper briefs about the third edition of the International Workshop IQIS 2006 in conjunction with ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2006 in Chicago which deals specifically with data and information quality issues. It intends to address primarily methods, algorithms, massive data processing and analysis methodologies and frameworks for the design of data quality metrics. They have also invited the submission of original research contributions, industrial papers and case studies relating to aspects of data quality and information quality.

Whitepaper: Column Heterogeneity as a Measure of Data Quality

by University of TorontoJan 01, 2008

Data quality is a serious concern in every data management application and a variety of quality measures have been proposed, including accuracy, freshness and completeness to capture the common sources of data quality degradation. A few preliminary experimental results is presented using diverse data sets of semantically different types to demonstrate that this approach appears to provide a robust mechanism for identifying and quantifying database column heterogeneity. This research paper from Toronto University focuses attention on a novel measure, column heterogeneity that seeks to quantify the data quality problems that arises when merging data from different sources.

Whitepaper: Requirements-Driven Configuration of Software Systems

by University of TorontoJan 01, 2008

Configuring large-scale software to meet different user requirements is a challenging process, since end-users do not know the technical details of the system in the first place. This white paper presents an automatic process to connect high-level user requirements with low-level system’s configurations. The process takes into account different user preferences and expectations, making configuration easier and more user-centered. Since it reuses a software system’s configuration mechanisms, the configuration process is transparent to the system development.

Whitepaper: Academic Mentoring - How To Give It And How To Get It

by University of TorontoJan 01, 2008

The literature contains numerous reports on the importance of mentorship in helping facilitate the future success of trainees, documenting benefits such as more productive research careers, greater career satisfaction, better preparation in making career decisions, networking within a profession, and aiding in stress management. This paper from University of Toronto describes several key points of advice both for individuals who mentor and those who receive mentoring (mentees). This advice applies to traditional direct supervisors.

Whitepaper: Career Planning And Development In Nursing

by University of TorontoJan 01, 2008

This research paper gives a way to relate ideas and vision to the practical realities of life and achieve useful and realizable outcomes. It represents an approach that allows getting the most out of reader and their career while one give the most to clients. The career planning process is really about the development of a life skill. The process described in this book is not magical, nor is it relevant only for nurses. Although it can be used as a personal guide, it can also be shared with family and friends. A career needs attention and nurturing.