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Whitepaper: Changes In The Call Center Industry

by VendorSeek.comJan 13, 2012

VendorSeek takes pride in bringing businesses together. Their process involves analytically assessing each request and finding the right dynamic that will ensure a successful business partnership. The call center industry was pioneered in America, arising out of a need to centralize customer service operations to save money in the eighties. As the economy improved and business boomed, competition became fierce- and customers more demanding. Companies used call centers to differentiate themselves

Whitepaper: Why Outsourcing Is A Good Choice For Business

by VendorSeek.comJan 13, 2012

This paper published by VendorSeek.com describes when starting a business, companies are eager for business, there are many ways to increase productivity through various means. One is outsourcing order fulfillment. By outsourcing order fulfillment, order volume will increase, and fulfillment providers are able to handle small business operations with ease. When doing order fulfillment in house, it requires a certain amount of expertise to integrate back-end fulfillment systems with front-end