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Whitepaper: 10 Steps To Managing Risk And Regulatory Compliance In Blogs And Wikis

by TechrigyJan 01, 2008

Many organizations are beginning to realize the value of using collaborative tools such as blogs and wikis. When used appropriately, these tools can help organizations gain a competitive edge. However, these tools can often lead to legal liability and regulatory problems. Many companies want to use blogs and wikis but are afraid of what their employees might say on them. Moreover, even if an organizations thinks it can stop what employees are saying from the workplace, there is little control over employee blogging at home and off hours.

Whitepaper: Enterprise 2.0: How Companies Are Adopting the Newest Web 2.0 Technologies

by TechrigyJan 01, 2008

This paper published by Techrigy highlights how companies are adopting the Newest Web 2.0 Technologies. In a recent Melcrum survey of corporate executives, 55% were either already using blogs or planning to start within 12 months, 63% were using online video services, with other social media also drawing heavy usage. The vast majority of the surveyed noted that social media usage ""Improved employee engagement ?Improved internal collaboration"" and created ""A two-way dialogue with senior executives."" Major corporations such as IBM, BBC, and Sun Microsystems are encouraging social media communication within their companies.