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Whitepaper: Transform Multi-Factor Authentication from "Something You Have" to "Something You Already Have"

by VASCO Data SecurityJul 15, 2012

For decades, organizations have been striving to extend the reach of their identity protection solutions while trying to balance security, cost, and ease of use. Many CIOs have looked to understand how to improve the security of each and every online user, at home, at work, and on the go. Nowadays, with online hacks, data breaches, and compromised accounts reported almost weekly, protecting online identities and accounts becomes even more pressing.

In recognizing the evolution of the

Whitepaper: Discover How to Bring Trust to the Cloud: Strong Authentication for SaaS Applications

by VASCO Data SecurityJul 15, 2012

B2B applications is one of the markets quickly moving to a SaaS model due to lower deployment costs, quick time to market and unlimited accessibility. However, the same exact benefits of the SaaS delivery model that are driving the trend may actually slow down further adoption of the SaaS applications by the enterprises. Why do IT departments get skeptical about moving their mission-critical applications and data into the cloud? The answer is quite simple; security concerns are increasingly

Whitepaper: Forget the "Token Necklace": Discover How Identity Federation Can Simplify User Experience and Increase Security

by VASCO Data SecurityJul 15, 2012

Many of the accounts and applications we use on a daily basis require multi-factor authentication tokens, software or mobile tokens in order to gain access. So users could be faced with the inconvenience of carrying a "token necklace" in order to access multiple online accounts securely. Furthermore, with the constantly changing and complex password models used to secure many online accounts the authorization process for a user is becoming more complicated and inconvenient. How can application

Whitepaper: Digipass Authentication for the Check Point FireWall-1 NG

by VASCO Data SecurityJan 01, 2008

This white paper published by vasco confers the different steps that one can enforce strong user authentication on Check Point FireWall-1 by using Vacman Middleware product with the Digipass tokens. After outlining the prerequisites, this white paper guides through the process of installing Vacman Middleware, configuring VACMAN Middleware, configuring the Check Point FireWall-1 for Radius authentication and testing different configurations to enforce strong user authentication.