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Whitepaper: Customer Service in the UK - A Response to the Contact Centre Off-Shore Debate

by BT GroupJan 01, 2008

This document is a joint collaboration between UK Trade and Investment, BT’s Inward Investment Channel - BT eLocations, and the CCA, the Professional Body for Call and Contact Centres. It highlights all the positive aspects of the UK Contact Centre Industry, which is really a reflection of the professionalism and maturity of the UK Customer Service Industry. It does not propose that UK is better than India, or vice versa.

Whitepaper: Customer Experience: Hype or Help?

by BT GroupJan 01, 2008

Despite the emphasis on emotion, customer experience is not about simply providing entertainment or being creatively engaging. A customer experience is far more complex than that. It can be viewed as a collection of ’Clues’, with each clue carrying a message that suggests something to a customer. There are many types of clues: a product or service has a set of clues associated with it, the context or physical setting in which a service is delivered provides more clues and employees - through their gestures, statements, language, dress and tone of voice - give off yet more clues.