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Whitepaper: Sarbanes-Oxley and Its Impact on IT Outsourcing: New Imperatives for Outsourcers in the Post Sarbanes-Oxley Business Environment

by OneNeck IT ServicesJan 01, 2008

This paper published by OneNeck IT Services takes a look at the ripple effects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on the IT outsourcing community and the new responsibilities and ethics that rest on companies - both public and private - that entrust all or part of their IT environment to an external third party. Indeed, the rules have changed for IT outsourcing companies and their clients. Sarbanes-OXley casts a giant shadow over every person and organization that comes in contact with a company’s financial records and reports, and the controls in place to ensure the accuracy of the information reported.

Whitepaper: Outsourcing Best Practices - A Primer on Outsourcing Governance

by OneNeck IT ServicesJan 01, 2008

The cardinal sin of outsourcing governance is one of focusing entirely on the mechanics and the price. By doing that one may miss the true potential of the relationship. OneNeck believe that governance in and of itself will not align IT to the business. Strong business leadership at the head of the governance mechanism is key. This paper focuses on ways to eliminate the dangerous question of ""Who knows best?"" by suggesting ways in which companies can effectively select a compatible outsourcing partner who understands both parts of the equation.