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Whitepaper: Achieving Vista Readiness: Strategic PC Lifecycle Management Gets You There

by AttachmateJan 01, 2008

This white paper published by Attachmate explains why establishing a solid PC Lifecycle Management (PCLM) strategy is the key to successful OS migrations for Vista and beyond. Deploying a new operating system, such as Vista, is a balancing act. On one side of the scale are the functional benefits of the new system. On the other side are the time, cost, and effort of deployment; the inevitable compatibility issues; the ambiguous and error-prone deployment processes; and the lack of well-integrated, single-solution management tools.

Whitepaper: Fundamentals of Service Orientation

by AttachmateJan 01, 2008

The software industry is changing the way one consumes and assemble computing resources, thanks to connectivity improvements and web services technologies. Although the industry has named this evolution service orientation, there are a lot of questions about the meaning of service orientation and its derivations, such as service-oriented architecture (SOA) or service-oriented computing. This white paper explores the background, technology, and models behind service orientation. As a technology resource, it can help one make informed decisions about services and their place in the enterprise.

Whitepaper: Turning Financial Mainframe Applications Into SOA Building Blocks

by AttachmateJan 01, 2008

SOA is an industry model that defines an application's functionality as a set of reusable services that can be published over a network and accessed by any authorized system. This white paper from Attachmate showcases the benefits and challenges of implementing SOA in financial service organizations such as banks or insurance companies. After exploring the characteristics of mainframe-based financial applications, an individual learns various approaches for service-enabling these applications. This information can help make informed decisions about turning one's legacy financial applications into SOA assets.