AvePoint is proud to be a U.S. based technology company and software innovator. Since 2001, AvePoint has been a global leader in enterprise-strength infrastructure management solutions for all Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies. Propelled by one of the world's largest SharePoint-exclusive development teams outside of Microsoft, AvePoint's award-winning DocAve Software Platform delivers comprehensive and flexible infrastructure support for backup and recovery, replication, migration, administration, archiving, deployment management, and compliance.

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Whitepaper: Spear the Unknown: How to keep "Dark Data" from Sabotaging your Agency's Modernization Efforts

by AvePointSep 15, 2014

It's time to take a look at your data- a close look. In this paper, we'll examine the effects of the dark data problem, as well as a process for resolving its core issues-including how to select the right compliance solution and how to lay the groundwork for governance and automation. As this paper is intended for a wide range of audiences, we will avoid highly technical, highly targeted explanations in favor of general considerations for government IT managers.

Whitepaper: Best Practices For SharePoint Backup And Recovery

by AvePointApr 01, 2009

This white paper is intended to aid IT administrators responsible for managing Microsoft SharePoint deployments in planning and implementing a comprehensive, reliable, and efficient data protection strategy appropriate to their organizational needs. It outlines the planning, guidelines, and implementation considerations for SharePoint backup and disaster recovery, then briefly reviews the singular attributes of DocAve Backup and Recovery.

Whitepaper: From Development To Production: Streamining SharePoint Deployment With DocAve Deployment Manager

by AvePointMar 01, 2009

This paper ?- co-authored by AvePoint and Microsoft -? reviews best practices for propagating SharePoint customizations, services, and solutions throughout a complex SharePoint environment, and introduces tools and strategies available to automate and streamline this process.

Whitepaper: Meeting Compliance Objectives In SharePoint

by AvePointFeb 01, 2009

This document is intended to aid IT administrators and other stakeholders responsible for managing Microsoft SharePoint deployments, in planning and implementing a comprehensive, reliable, and efficient compliance strategy appropriate to their organizational needs.

Whitepaper: Can Your Sharepoint Backup Harm Your Business?: Evaluation Standards And Best Practices

by AvePointJan 01, 2008

With companies quickly adopting Microsoft SharePoint as their content sharing and collaboration platform, features such as document sharing, team discussion and document-based workflow are drawing in an ever increasing number of business users. How to satisfy different Recovery Service Level Agreements to different categories of data hosted in the same database? How to offer a higher level of recovery guarantee for a team that’s working on a business critical deal? How to both back up and