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Whitepaper: Agresso Business World "ERP With No Expiry Date" - An Architectural White Paper

by AgressoJan 01, 2008

To retain their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems for longer period companies increasingly expect their software to be highly configurable in the face of business change and to be able to take advantage of the latest technology without major commotion to their business.

This white paper reviews how the technical design principles of Agresso Business World with its unique approach to data management (Information Warehouse), process modeling capability (Business Processes) and information delivery Analytics/Reporting) imbues an organization with the agility necessary to respond to business change long after the initial implementation is complete - an ERP with NO expiry date!

Whitepaper: Agresso Business World: ERP...With NO Expiration Date

by AgressoJan 01, 2008

As companies look for to preserve their ERP systems for longer periods, they expect their software to be highly configurable in the face of change and able to take advantage of the most recent technology without major disruption to their business. Many systems announce flexibility at the onset of an installation, but lack the architectural capabilities to evolve after the initial deployment. Agresso offers the ability to change structures at a moments notice, add information requirements, introduce applications and tackle the necessary analytical and reporting requirements required.