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Whitepaper: Data Protection and Recovery

by Prostor SystemsJan 01, 2008

There is an easy and automated way to protect data by making copies to a secure location and providing status reports that the data was copied successfully. This paper examines the different types of technologies, explore their characteristics, and determine how effective they are at protecting data from all types of threats. After one has read this paper, one will have information that will allow to choose the right technology to effectively protect their important data.

Whitepaper: RDX QuikStor - Data Backup With Portability, Reliability and Random Access Restore

by Prostor SystemsJan 01, 2008

Both industry experts and storage vendors alike have predicted that customers will need to be able to choose between tape and disk in an attempt to define the ideal secondary storage solution. Attempts to replace tape with various technologies have always failed because they could not match or surpass tape in its removal, capacity, archival or low-cost benefits that users demand. The industry has therefore been searching for and exploring technologies that both complement and address low-end tape’s biggest detractors; its relatively low performance during both backup and retrieval operations, and its’ relatively high failure rates when compared to disk.