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Whitepaper: Service Oriented Architecture and What It Means to Capacity Management

by TeamQuestJan 01, 2008

This paper published by TeamQuest describing about Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and What It Means to Capacity Management. It says vendor’s has own proprietary hardware and software solutions; actions somewhat in conflict with SOA’s goal of transparent interoperability. As a result of wide variety of offerings and minimal standards, SOA means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. In this paper, authors attempt to provide a simplistic view of SOA based upon its goal of a reusable, interoperable, platform independent architecture, then discuss how this new architecture impacts capacity management organizations.

Whitepaper: TEAMQUEST and ITIL: Part 3 - Implementing Capacity Management

by TeamQuestJan 01, 2008

Once a decision has been made to improve service by adopting ITIL frameworks and best practices, a plan must be developed to implement the changes to the organizations. The risk of a full implementation is that some processes may not operate immediately as expected and therefore impact business processes. Other ITIL proponents feel that IT and business leaders should choose a staged approach when implementing the ITIL framework and best practices because the impact of change on the organization is overwhelming. This TeamQuest paper more closely examines the conservative staged approach.