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Whitepaper: Constructing a JMS Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server Using JNBridgePro

by JNBridgeJan 01, 2008

Microsoft BizTalk Server (BTS) can be integrated with various data sources and other applications through the use of adapters. Some adapters, such as the file adapter and the Web services adapter, ship with BTS. Another option is to create custom adapters using the BizTalk Server adapter framework. This paper from JNBridge shows how to construct such a custom adapter that allows BTS to integrate with JMS (Java Messaging Service), the popular messaging API that is part of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform.

Whitepaper: Achieving Interoperability: ILOG JRules, .NET and JNBridgePro

by JNBridgeJan 01, 2008

In this mixed, multitiered IT environments, use a mixture of Microsoft .NET and J2EE as a logical choice, and combining the two platforms in the same production environment is becoming a common best practice. ILOG JRules is an extremely powerful Java technology. It unlocks the power of business rules for Java applications. This whitepaper from JNBridge is for developers and system architects who are interested in executing business rules with the ILOG JRules rule engine from a Microsoft .NET client.