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Whitepaper: White Paper: Wireless Informatics & the Knowledge Ecosystem - Maximizing Profits and Enhancing User Experience Through the Successful Deployment of Specialist Knowledge

by WDSGlobalJan 01, 2008

Wireless Informatics is the practice of assembling validating and disseminating knowledge, best practices and experiences throughout the mobile value chain to deliver the ultimate mobile user experience. While the architectural components provide the essential backbone for the deployment implementation of Wireless Informatics, it is the pertinence and integrity of the trafficked knowledge that will determine its success. This paper explores the world of Wireless Informatics from a customer service perspective and provides a broad outline for the implementation of Wireless Informatics practices.

Whitepaper: Redefining FOTA for Deployment in EMEA

by WDSGlobalFeb 01, 2008

If firmware over-the-air (FOTA) is to realize its true potential in EMEA, the technology must adapt to meet the demands of mobile organizations looking to define a clear business case. This new report is available to anyone looking to better understand the role of FOTA within a constantly shifting mobile value chain.