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Whitepaper: The Developments In Mentoring Research

by Sheffield Hallam UniversityJan 01, 2008

Mentoring is a learning relationship between two people. It requires trust, commitment and emotional engagement. It involves listening, questioning, challenge and support. It has a timescale. Mentoring has been extensively researched on both sides of the Atlantic and across different sectors of society for more than 30 years. Consequently, a great deal is known about the many facets of mentoring. There is research about the problems of mentoring and the issue of formal schemes versus informal

Whitepaper: A Framework for the Implementation of a Customer Relationship Management Strategy in Retail Sector

by Sheffield Hallam UniversityJan 01, 2008

This research paper from Sheffield Hallam University focuses on the increasingly important topic of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Reasons as to why it is hard for traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers to employ are discussed, as is the great potential for CRM in retail sectors. Survey data leads to conclude that a CRM strategy should be designed to improve customers’ store experiences and a framework is proposed to continually achieve this. A general blueprint is suggested for