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Webcast: How Insurers Can Master Data Governance

by InformaticaNov 17, 2014

In an analytical and data-intensive industry like insurance, it is critical for businesses to adopt strong data management and governance strategies. A trusted source of data is essential to increase revenue, lower operational expenses, deliver optimal customer experience, and reduce risk and compliance exposure.

Attendees of this one-hour Insurance & Technology webinar will develop a better understanding of building a data governance strategy, including how to:

  • Establish a definition for enterprise data and what constitutes trustworthy data
  • Measure progress towards building a trustworthy source of information
  • Drive best practices in data management
  • Protect enterprise data against security breaches
  • More efficiently transfer data to analytical environments

Good data management is essential in today’s insurance environment. Listen in on this webcast for expert insight on building a robust data strategy.

Webcast: Leveraging Analytics to Build a Data-Driven Insurance Enterprise

by InformaticaAug 28, 2014

Each day, insurers gather vast amounts of data with the potential to evolve their risk strategies and drive business growth. The problem is, many carriers lack the analytical tactics necessary to manage and capitalize on this wealth of information.

Through robust data management practices, insurers can better understand their portfolios and improve their approach to strategic growth.

Attendees of this one-hour Insurance & Technology webinar will come away with greater knowledge of how to:

  • Use data management to develop healthy risk portfolios
  • Extract data to create 360-degree views of policyholder information
  • Increase customer satisfaction through effective data management
  • Expand opportunities for cross and upsell with the power of analytics

Insurers are under tremendous pressure to compete in today's data-driven world. During this session, you’ll learn how to leverage effective data management practices and achieve business growth by gaining greater customer insight, improving client interactions, and strengthening risk portfolios.

Webcast: How to Overcome Data Obstacles to Grow the Business

by InformaticaAug 27, 2014

The need for better and more accurate data in financial services is more critical than ever to improve customer experience, grow wallet share, and retain high potential customers. Unfortunately, traditional business silos, lack of a single view of customer, fragmented data management processes, and lack of capable technology are just some of the issues financial institutions face that prevents them from receiving the data they need to succeed.

In this one-hour webcast sponsored by Bank Systems & Technology and Informatica, you will learn what the latest industry trends are and how technology plays a role in helping your institution grow its business with better and trusted data.

By attending this webinar, you will learn why it is so hard for firms to maximize their vast wealth of data and what you can do to overcome these data challenges.

Whitepaper: Ponemon Institute Research: How IT security is addressing threats to structured and unstructured data

by InformaticaJun 02, 2014

What scares IT security more than hackers? This Ponemon Institute Research report answers that question and then some. In a survey of more than 1,500 IT practitioners from around the world, they reveal what's worrying the people tasked with protecting the enterprise's most sensitive data. With the rise of the data-centric enterprise, there is a necessary and parallel development of the security architecture meant to protect it. But in the time it's taken for data security to catch up with the changing datascape, organizations have found their compliance and data protection programs vulnerable. Read 'The State of Data-Centric Security' report to find out about:

  • The twin fear of dark data and mobile platforms
  • How few IT practitioners know where their sensitive data is stored
  • The most popular technologies used to protect sensitive data
  • The automated solutions needed for IT to improve compliance and data protection

Read 'The State of Data Centric Security' report for illuminating insights into the security challenges facing the modern enterprise.

Whitepaper: Cloud Integration for Hybrid IT: Balancing Business Self-Service and IT Control

by InformaticaFeb 06, 2014

It's no longer a question of if your company will be adopting cloud-based solutions, but when and how many. Gartner predicts that by the end of 2016, more than 50 percent of Global 1000 companies will have stored customer-sensitive data in the public cloud. With the proliferation of cloud-based applications, platforms and infrastructure, the potential for data fragmentation and disconnected data silos has grown exponentially. While the benefits of cloud computing have been well documented-scalability, business agility, and cost are usually at the top of the list, from the outset, the push to adopt SaaS applications in the enterprise has come from the business. Individual business units, departments and divisions refuse to accept the timeframes and limited resources of corporate IT, at times even making cloud application purchases on credit cards. But in order to execute cross-functional business processes within these newly deployed SaaS applications, departmental implementations inevitably reach their limits and corporate IT support is required.

The importance of the right approach to cloud data management has emerged as both a business and IT imperative. Historically recognized as one of the top barriers to cloud adoption, if properly managed and maintained, data integration and data quality can actually become critical enablers of cloud computing success. This paper will introduce a cloud data management reference architecture based on the Lean Management principles and outline the key capabilities that are available with Informatica Cloud.

Whitepaper: Putting Big Interaction Data to Work: 10 Real-World Examples

by InformaticaFeb 06, 2014

Big data comes in two flavors-big transaction data and big interaction data. Big transaction data is the steadily growing volume of financial, customer, product, and other information in your organization's ERP system, data warehouses, CRM applications, and other back-office solutions, either on premise or in the cloud. Big interaction data represents interactions of customers, partners, and competitors that affect your organization. It is mostly external to your organization, scattered across the web. Information posted on blogs, discussion forms, team sites, customer service forums, product review Web pages, partner portals, competitor Web sites, enterprise collaboration applications, content management systems and other Internet properties makes up the bulk and the most valuable part of big interaction data. Growing at a phenomenal pace, big interaction data offers immense potential to deliver breakthrough insights and operational efficiencies that can transform business performance, growth, and profitability.

But how? Across industries, organizations are exploring how to extract business value from this fast-growing data source, but they face vexing questions about both technology and the business case for big interaction data projects. Where to start? How to get the really valuable data gems? How to make it all actionable? This white paper outlines real-world examples across industries in which big interaction data is put into action to build differentiation, drive revenue, deepen customer engagement, improve operational efficiency, and deliver better products and services.

Whitepaper: Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools

by InformaticaOct 30, 2013

Buoyed by strong and accelerating demand, the market for data quality tools grew substantially in 2012, and many of its smaller vendors capitalized on customers' desire for faster implementations, lower total cost of ownership and more flexibility. This report will help you find a suitable vendor.

Whitepaper: How to Successfully Modernize Legacy Systems in Insurance

by InformaticaJul 01, 2013

This white paper provides a data management perspective on modernizing legacy systems for life, property and casualty, and group insurers by examining business purposes, benefits, risks and dependencies while also avoiding common challenges of insurance legacy modernization.