Whitepaper: Research And Mentoring Program For Undergraduate Women In Computer Science

by IEEEJan 01, 2008

The paper from IEEE Company describes the program, its success and disappointments, and the changes that have made based on the lessons learned during the first year. It describes a new program for female undergraduate computer science students. The program uses recognized strategies for engaging women in computer science. It includes multi-faceted mentoring, community building activities, and a research program with significant educational components. The research component gives women an opportunity to work in research teams under the direction of a female faculty member who serves as role model.

Whitepaper: Introduction To The Outsourcing Of Information Systems Minitrack

by IEEEJan 01, 2008

Companies are signing more outsourcing deals, and increasingly relying on more than one supplier for their services. This white paper was published at the Proceedings of the 37th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences - 2004. It describes about three papers which were accepted in the HICSS Outsourcing of information systems minitrack. Their quality reflects the maturity of the outsourcing research. These three papers enhance the understanding of increasingly complex issues surrounding outsourcing decisions and relationship management.