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Whitepaper: e-Government: Five Key Challenges For Management

by Copenhagen Business SchoolJan 01, 2008

This paper published by Copenhagen Business School describes that e-Government holds the potential to facilitate the complementary use of information systems in government comprising both operational and strategic use. This paper argues that if this metamorphosis is to occur, managers are facing five key strategic challenges: Assessing the demand paradox of e-government, ensuring that gate-keeping mechanisms of the street-level bureaucrats are not eroding the dynamics of e-government, Use of IT to decrease the high labor intensity in public service provision, Revisiting the employees readiness for e-government, Building competences within government to ensure dynamic use of IT.

Whitepaper: Entrepreneurship And The Economic Theory Of The Firm

by Copenhagen Business SchoolJan 01, 2008

Though they developed in isolation, the theory of entrepreneurship and the economic theory of the firm can be usefully integrated. In particular, the concept of entrepreneurship as judgment associated with Knight and some Austrian school economists aligns naturally with the theory of the firm. Because judgment cannot be purchased on the market, the entrepreneur needs a firm - a set of alienable assets he controls - to carry out his function. This paper from Copenhagen Business School the author has argued that the concept of entrepreneurship as judgment provides the clearest link between entrepreneurship, asset ownership, and economic organization.