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Whitepaper: ESG Security Management Solution Showcase

by ESG, Enterprise Strategy GroupApr 04, 2016

Authored by: Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, ESG
Sponsored by:

To be as effective as possible, organizations need a tightly integrated security management architecture that consolidates policy management/enforcement, supports security management automation and orchestration, and unifies threat management visibility.

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Whitepaper: HP XP "Bulletproof Software" for High Availability

by ESG, Enterprise Strategy GroupJan 01, 2008

This paper from Enterprise Strategy Group is to educate customers about specific storage-related products including storage systems, backup-to-disk solutions, storage management applications, storage virtualization platforms. The ESG Lab reports are not meant to replace the necessary evaluation process that end user customers should conduct. The ESG Lab reports are designed to provide insight to what is compelling about various products and how they can solve customer problems. ESG Lab provides third-party expert perspective based on their own hands-on testing in a lab and interviews with customers using these products in production environments.

Whitepaper: Storage Management Solutions Roadmap

by ESG, Enterprise Strategy GroupJan 01, 2008

VERITAS is announcing their Storage Resource Management strategy including SANPoint Control, Storage Reporter and Service Manager for Storage. These products are the key components of their Storage Resource Management (SRM) portfolio. Just for the record, ESG would not refer to these solutions as SRM; according to their model, these solutions offer a broader capability than SRM, in ESG terminology these are ARM solutions. SANPoint Control currently provides standard storage network management functions such as device discovery which integrates the data. This integration provides the ability to do more than just automatically provision capacity to the host.

Whitepaper: Storage Systems

by ESG, Enterprise Strategy GroupJan 01, 2008

The Sun StorEdge 6920 is an impressive midrange storage system and the latest revision adds Enterprise-class remote replication and storage virtualization of heterogeneous storage systems. This ESG brief provides the view of the StorEdge 6920 as part of an increasingly impressive storage portfolio from Sun. The Sun StorEdge 6920 is a unique solution that consists of four major components including the Data Service Platform (DSP), storage modules, a management module and a connectivity module. The Sun StorEdge 6920 hardware resources eclipse other midrange storage systems from leading storage vendors.

Whitepaper: RepliStor and Exchange 2003: A High-Availability Solution

by ESG, Enterprise Strategy GroupJan 01, 2008

The fact that today’s e-mail applications and data are mission-critical to the business is no longer a news flash. Numerous products are available to prevent such outages, but many are complex and costly. EMC Legato RepliStor provides Microsoft Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003 data availability through data replication and server failover. This outlines the installation and configuration steps necessary to provide a highly available Microsoft Exchange environment using RepliStor.

Whitepaper: DataFort Security Appliances for SAN, NAS, DAS and Tape

by ESG, Enterprise Strategy GroupJan 01, 2008

This paper from Enterprise Strategy Group describes Decru is handful of vendors that specifically focus on issue of securing storage environments. Government organizations have been securing data for years, often using proprietary methods. Because they were looking for a strong, centrally managed appliance to secure their storage environments, they funded a start-up to build security appliances. Decru is partially funded by In-Q-Tel, a VC firm that is backed by the CIA.

Whitepaper: Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape Backups With Retrospect 7 for Windows

by ESG, Enterprise Strategy GroupJan 01, 2008

EMC Dantz Retrospect 7 for Windows backup and recovery software can be used with disk storage to provide a fast, highly reliable, easy-to-manage disk-based backup solution. This paper from EMC describes how to configure EMC Dantz Retrospect backup and recovery software to deliver optimum performance with disk. It recommends best practices for using Retrospect to stream backups to disk and then copy data to tape at a later time for secure offsite storage. The paper also provides an overview of the process of setting up the solution and discusses the advantages using Retrospect with a disk

Whitepaper: Storage Security Fundamentals

by ESG, Enterprise Strategy GroupJan 01, 2008

The storage infrastructure is susceptible to attack and storage professionals have not done the right types of risk assessments or improved their security knowledge and skills. Rather than simply react to this circumstances with tactical ""Band-aid"" solutions, ESG recommends a more holistic lifecycle approach through four dissimilar phases covering risk assessment, prioritization, implementation, and monitoring. This procedure helps uncover most of the problems, map fixes to business value, target security countermeasures where they tender the highest return and present a way for security managers to monitor and compute results.

Whitepaper: The Many Benefits of VERITAS™ FlashSnap Solution

by ESG, Enterprise Strategy GroupJan 01, 2008

As stated by ESG research, end users top storage management issue continues to be meeting the backup window. While many users have moved to disk based technologies to alleviate the problems, a majority of users have not taken advantage of technologies such as snapshot that can not only help address the backup window issue, but also provide a number of other benefits. Veritas offers a numerous data protection technologies including FlashSnap which helps users enhance overall data protection. This paper spotlights on the capabilities of Veritas Storage Foundation, on how the services embedded addresses several data protection issues.

Whitepaper: Enterprise Tape Encryption

by ESG, Enterprise Strategy GroupJan 01, 2008

Enterprise Strategy Group believes that tape encryption is long overdue and will become commonplace in the future. Security technologies like encryption provides the most value when they enable secure business processes while meshing seamlessly with ongoing IT operations. This paper concludes that tape encryption must be delivered for the business and IT, Enterprise Tape Encryption (ETE) architecture is needed and users must address short-term vulnerabilities while planning for long-term needs.