3Com Corporation is a $1.3 billion global enterprise networking solutions provider that sets a new price/performance standard for customers. 3Com has three global brands H3C, 3Com, and TippingPoint that offer high-performance networking and security solutions to enterprises large and small. The H3C enterprise networking portfolio includes products that span from the data center to the edge of the network, while TippingPoint network-based intrusion prevention systems and network access control solutions deliver in-depth, no-compromise application, infrastructure and performance protection.

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Whitepaper: Analyzing the Hard Numbers for Your Campus LAN: A Total Cost of Ownership Comparison

by 3ComNov 13, 2009

New Info-Tech Research Group analysis reveals H3C enterprise networking solutions by 3Com deliver up to 40% lower total cost of ownership than the comparable Cisco solution.

�Info-Tech Research Group found that in each case, the five-year TCO of 3Com�s H3C portfolio is lower than its comparable Cisco products, across 1000-, 3000-, and 5000-user campus LAN scenarios. Cisco charges a price premium of 34% to 40% over H3C�s solution, which fluctuates depending on the design. These percentages translate into thousands of dollars in cost-savings for customers who choose H3C. Given the turbulent economic climate, this can mean more money for other projects, fewer job cuts, or even a stronger bottom line.�

Whitepaper: Achieving Unified Resource Management

by 3ComSep 23, 2009

The modern enterprise relies on a constantly evolving set of networked business applications to ensure employee productivity, achieve operational efficiency and compete in today's global economy. Until now, network managers have had to rely upon a hodgepodge of vendor-specific element management systems and restricted multi-vendor management platforms - a costly, manually-intensive, inefficient propositon.

This paper outlines the need for a comprehensive, unified and modular management platform that provides a single window into the enterprise to save time and money, and improve efficiency.

Whitepaper: Comprehensive Network Access Control

by 3ComSep 23, 2009

The isolated corporate network is a thing of the past. Workers armed with laptops and wireless technology means the enterprise network has no boundaries. The modern enterprise network serves not only employees but also customers, partners, contract works and guests. Each with their own role and information access requirements.

This paper outlines a solution that addresses the comprehensive requirements for identifying and controlling network users with features like host posture checking, authorization, monitoring and reporting.

Whitepaper: Solutions for 21st Century Healthcare

by 3ComSep 03, 2009

To significantly improve the delivery of healthcare, an impressive arrange of new technology solutions are being introduced daily. 3Com designs solutions that deliver unique price/performance value, reduce complexity to facilitate healthcare delivery and ensure security to protect investments, resources and information.

In this case study, learn how 3Com can help you enhance patient care by maximizing business continuity, security, and productivity.

Whitepaper: Eight Tips for Managing Higher Education Networks Securely and Cost-Effectively

by 3ComSep 02, 2009

Colleges and universities worldwide are being pressured to do more with less, particularly in today's challenging economic climate. Colleges and universities must consider the benefits of leveraging centralized management to automate deployment and provide configuration and oversight of the data center and remote campuses.

This white paper presents eight tips IT can use as they begin to deploy centralized network management projects for higher education networks.

Whitepaper: Open-Source PBX Software for the Enterprise: How Much, How Soon?

by 3ComMar 20, 2008

Open-source PBX software has growing appeal among smaller implementations. Now the big challenge for PBX vendors is how to drive interest at the enterprise level.

Whitepaper: Enabling Demand-Driven Retailing: Robust Network Infrastructure Is Critical to Support New Applications

by 3ComJan 01, 2008

Analysts and savvy retailers view demand-driven retailing as a critical business initiative. According to AMR Research, demand-driven retailing is a system of technologies and processes that capture consumer behavior at each point of interaction and then use this information to define products and services that shape customer demand, while facilitating a real-time, profitable response across a network of suppliers and channels to meet that demand. Retailers are undertaking major business process change to get to that vision. That work includes laying a foundation of tightly integrated software applications that are capable of collecting, analyzing and exchanging high volumes of data within the enterprise and with trading partners.

Whitepaper: 3Com Solutions: Mitigating the ""Big Three"" Risk Factors in Wireless Deployment

by 3ComJan 01, 2008

Positioning a wireless network can be risky business without attention to three major risk factors: rogue devices, security, and return on investment. For many IT managers, unless they can be assured that they have the same level of control and security as their wired LANs, deploying wireless technology can feel like they are factually tossing their tightly managed network into the air. This paper explores the expertise and tests that can be applied to recognize and resolve potential problems before the system is installed.