Whitepaper: Instantiating JavaCC Tokenizers/Parsers to Read From Unicode Source Files

by XeroxJan 01, 2008

This paper published by Xerox explains how to instantiate a JavaCC parser so that it reads from Unicode sources or sources in almost any industry-standard encoding. This paper reflects best understanding of and experience with Unicode processing in JavaCC (currently version 4.0beta1). It explains how to instantiate a JavaCC parser to read from a source (file or whatever) that is not necessarily in the default character encoding of operating system. In particular, it shows how to make parser read from Unicode files in the popular UTF-8 encoding.

Whitepaper: Secure Solutions For You And Your Customers

by XeroxJan 01, 2008

This paper from Xerox has demonstrated a commitment to keeping digital information safe and secure by identifying potential vulnerabilities and proactively addressing them to limit risk. Customers have responded by looking to Xerox as a trusted provider of secure solutions with many standard and optional security features. Xerox has identified five key security goals in the quest to provide secure solutions for every one of their customers. They are integrity, confidentiality, availability, accountability and assurance.