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Whitepaper: CommVault Galaxy Backup & Recovery and ExaGrid: Cost Effective, Easy to Manage

by ExaGrid SystemsJan 01, 2008

CommVault Galaxy Backup and Recovery software contains extensive capabilities to simplify the management of backup media resources. Galaxy backup is uniquely poised to fully leverage the advent of a low cost disk based backup device. Data is protected online; these solutions ensure the highest levels of long-term data integrity, availability, and security. Galaxy software supports all major vendor devices (tape, optical and disk based storage) as targets for backup. The ability to write to magnetic disk as a functional equal of all other media types while exploiting the random access nature of the disk media sets Galaxy software apart.

Whitepaper: Faster Backups and Restores With Disk-Based Backup Symantec Backup Exec 11d for Windows Servers Disk-Based Backup Solution With ExaGrid Systems

by ExaGrid SystemsJan 01, 2008

The ongoing data explosion, combined with increased system availability requirements, has resulted in a greater strain on IT organizations to provide the necessary data protection in the face of ever-shrinking backup windows. Plus, in many cases, IT organizations have neither the people nor hardware resources required to manage that data.