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Gartner XDR Market Guide

Jan 01, 2022

The endpoint security landscape continues to evolve with buyers pursuing a vendor and agent consolidation strategy and moving away from best-of-breed solutions. Vendors are leveraging buyer sentiment by expanding portfolios and bundling offerings, while adding new offerings in EDR, XDR and MDR.

Read 'The Gartner XDR Market Guide' for Key Findings:

  • Cloud-native endpoint protection platform (EPP) solutions continue to witness an uptick in adoption as they shift the administration burden from product maintenance to more productive risk-reduction activities. Vendors are thus incentivizing internal sales teams and channel partners for selling cloudbased solutions.
  • End users are pursuing vendor and agent consolidation strategies. Full-featured prevention and detection and response solutions are preferred over best-of-breed anti-malware and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions.
  • Managed solutions are critical to reducing the entry barrier and enticing late-mainstream buyers to adopt EDR.
  • Extended detection and response (XDR) as a concept is gaining traction. Vendors with broad product portfolios have already launched XDR offerings, while many others have included XDR as part of their 2021 roadmaps.
To compete with Microsoft, vendors will need to offer vulnerability and configuration management guidance and eventually breach and attack simulation (BAS) to provide more guidance on hardening. This will be particularly true for the mainstream small and midsize business (SMB) market.

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