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Whitepaper: PIPEDREAM: Chernovite’s Emerging Malware Targeting Industrial Control Systems

by Dragos

May 18, 2022

Threats to industrial infrastructure security are an extremely sensitive matter. Given the unique realities of industrial operations it is often harder for defenders to react than for adversaries to leverage public information. The more time the community has to implement mitigations before new malicious capabilities become public, the better the effects of any attempted attacks can be reduced.

PIPEDREAM is the seventh known Industrial Control Systems (ICS)-specific malware and fifth specifically developed to disrupt industrial processes. PIPEDREAM demonstrates significant adversary research and development focused on disruption, degradation, and potentially destruction of industrial environment and physical processes. It can disrupt, degrade, and potentially destroy industrial environments and processes.

Download this whitepaper for actions you can take to mitigate impacts in your environment.