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Tech Insights: Detecting and Preventing Insider Data Leaks

Mar 03, 2021

While malicious insiders often get the headlines, most enterprise data leaks are accidental — caused by end users who fail to follow corporate security policy or try to work around it. In this Tech Insight, experts discuss methods for detecting and preventing risky or anomalous end user behavior, as well as methods for preventing unauthorized access and transfer of data by end users. You'll also get insight on the evolution of technology used to prevent accidental data leaks, such as data leak protection (DLP) and alternatives.

Inside this report:

  • Detecting and Preventing Insider Data Leaks
  • Over-Sharer or Troublemaker? How to Identify Insider-Risk Personas
  • Dealing With Insider Threats in the Age of COVID
  • Modern Day Insider Threat:Network Bugs That Are Stealing Your Data

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