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Simple Solutions for Continuous Visibility to Active Directory Exposures & Live Attacks

Sep 08, 2021

Active Directory is a prime target during cyberattacks because it is the source of truth for all resources across the enterprise. Securing it should be top of mind for security professionals everywhere.

  • 90% of enterprises globally use Active Directory
  • Attackers target 95 million AD accounts daily
  • 80% of attacks include compromising AD
Attackers compromise endpoints and target data on the AD controllers to progress the attack, then use it to identify high-value targets, gain privileged access, and obtain domain dominance.

Traditional approaches, such as periodic Active Directory assessments or constant log analysis combined with SIEM correlation, are complicated, exhaustive, and expensive, often resulting in attacker activities going undetected. Organizations of all sizes need simple and inexpensive solutions for continuously assessing Active Directory cyber hygiene, identifying specific domain, computer, and user-level risks, and detecting live attacks on AD. Learn more in this solution brief.