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Introducing the Cyber Fusion Center: Boost threat response with better collaboration between security teams

Nov 08, 2021

Through a unified cyber security strategy, teams become more efficient, gain complete threat visibility, bridge silos between functions, improve communication regardless of geography, and improve security posture to tackle threats like ransomware, phishing, and more.

Download this white paper to gain an introductory understanding of what a cyber fusion center offers security organizations of all sizes, how it can be implemented, and how it can benefit your team.

Key Takeaways

  • Cyber fusion platforms break down silos with a combination of SOAR functionality, enhanced threat intelligence, and situational awareness, enabling faster and more effective threat response.
  • Enterprises should look beyond their borders by engaging with intelligence-sharing communities like ISACs that help all members build collective defense within and beyond their borders.
  • Discover a solution to security challenges built upon SOAR—the Cyber Fusion Center (CFC)—and how it can improve collaboration and threat response.
  • Security teams are hamstrung by inefficiencies and collaboration challenges caused by a lack of integration between disparate security tools and processes.