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Using Compliance Budgets to Build a Red Team Capability

by Randori

Sep 02, 2020

Leading Advice from Enterprise Management Associates

Companies of every size face an age-old problem: too much to do with too little money. For security leaders, this has always been true: every company wants to be more secure, but there never seems to be enough resources to make it a reality. This report from EMA Analyst Christopher Steffen details how security can compliance can together to improve security through the build out of a red team capability.In the report, EMA outlines how continuous red team solutions, such as Randori, can be used by the compliance team to address their compliance-related needs, generate more comprehensive reporting, thoroughly inspect infrastructure for compliance gaps, and serve as third-party validation that the company's security AND compliance programs are running effectively.

Key Benefit of a Red Team Includes:

  • Attack Surface Discovery & Monitoring
  • Honest Assessments of Real Security and Compliance Challenges
  • Validating Security and Compliance Spending