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EMA Radar Summary for Network-Based Security Analytics: Q3 2018

Feb 04, 2019

MAs evaluation is based on analysis of over 100 different KPIs in five primary categories: Deployment and Administration, Cost Advantage, Architecture and Integration, Functionality, and Vendor Strength. Awake has been recognized for providing the greatest balance between features and costs when compared to a dozen other vendors evaluated in the Enterprise Management Associates Radar™ report on network security analytics. "Network traffic analysis is proving to be a critical tool for organizations grappling with early detection and defense of continuously evolving threats. In our analysis, we found that Awake's platform is well-suited for detecting and responding to modern threats. It had outstanding ROI and was ranked #1 in cost-efficiency based on price vs. features, thus delivering great value for the cost." - David Monahan, Managing Research Director at EMA Awake's Network Detection and Response Platform helps organizations detect and hunt for threats missed by traditional security solutions. Its network traffic analysis platform analyzes every packet on the network to automatically discover, track and build profiles of devices, users, applications and who they interact with, while flagging and ranking suspicious activity. This gives security teams the tools they need to rapidly explore that activity then and take required action.