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Osterman Research: Cyber Crisis Response - Fit For Today's Threat Landscape?

Feb 26, 2021

Cyber crisis response and preparedness is on everyone's lips, yet organizations' efforts are failing to adapt to modern threats. While table top exercises have long been considered an essential tool in preparing organizations to face cyber crises, they're now rapidly falling into obsolescence.

So what's the alternative? How many organizations still rely on PowerPoint-driven table top exercises to bolster their incident response plans? Is this legacy method of defining cyber crisis response widening the gap between attackers and defenders?

In collaboration with Osterman Research, Immersive Labs tapped into the collective consciousness of over 400 CISOs and senior security leaders. We sought to discover how influential security professionals prepare for the worst — and just how far behind legacy training techniques have fallen.

Explore the definitive report into cyber crisis preparedness to discover:

• The pros and cons of tabletop exercises
• Most common cyber crisis preparedness exercise scenarios
• Team gaps in tabletop exercises
• And more

Research Report