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The 2019 Trust Report

by Synack

Jun 11, 2019

In today's world, consumers are demanding trust from the products that they love, and security has become a core piece of providing consistent, positive customer experience.

That's why today, Synack, the trusted crowdsourced security platform, has released the first annual Trust Report, Volume I: Trust Has a Number. In the report, security, brand and policy executives from Home Depot, Intel, CLEAR, Just Eat, and Stanford share how they are defending their brands and building stronger security programs by building trust by design.

The 2019 Trust Report finds that:
• Manufacturing & Critical Infrastructure and Financial Services lead the way as most trusted industries
• Security performance is improving! Security teams are enhancing the trust of their organizations, but it takes time - +200% higher Attacker Resistance Score™ (ARS) among those organizations that work to improve their attacker resistance for 2+ years vs <1 year.
• Continuous, rather than point-in-time, penetration testing has a greater impact on security - 43% higher ARS on average among organizations that practice continuous vs. point-in-time penetration testing.

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