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Shutterfly Leverages Cribl LogStream to Streamline Their Data Experience

by Cribl

Jan 10, 2022

The Shutterfly data operations team supports the production of a myriad of printed and digital goods across multiple product groups. This requires that they capture and process an extremely high volume of data from diverse sources, then route that data to a similarly diverse set of destinations. The team uses Cribl LogStream to address the complexity and intensity of this work, allowing them to deliver a flexible and resilient service to their internal and external customers.

In this case study, learn how Shutterfly:

  • Used Cribl LogStream to make it possible for the Shutterfly data team to say "yes" to their internal customers.
  • Is able to keep ahead of growing complexity and rapid change by using Cribl's Logstream solution
  • Can see and control everything they need to in one place with a clear and featureful UI