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How Enterprises Are Developing and Maintaining Secure Applications 2020

by Dark Reading

Authored on: Jan 30, 2020

One of the most common ways cybercriminals breach enterprises is by finding security vulnerabilities in the applications they use. Yet, with the skyrocketing speed of application development, many enterprises still struggle to build security into their software and eliminate dangerous flaws that might lead to data breaches. And most have experienced such severe security troubles with one application that they've simply migrated to a different one altogether.

In this 2020 Dark Reading report, How Enterprises Are Developing and Maintaining Secure Applications, we examine the most common issues associated with managing an application portfolio and how organizations are dealing with security risks. The concept of application security is well known, but application security testing and remediation processes remain unbalanced. Most organizations are confident in their approach to AppSec, but others seem to have no approach at all. As ever, attackers are keeping better pace with new business and development trends than defenders are. Organizations continue to struggle with application security risks — but our data show that partnerships between security and development teams seem to be improving. Download this informative report to learn more.

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