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InformationWeek 500: Innovation That Gets Results

Sep 27, 2013

Healthcare company UPMC is exploring cloud computing not because that's trendy, but because it must cope with 5 PB of patient data that will double in the next 18 months. ConocoPhillips is just now embracing more real-time analytics on its natural gas wells, because it sees the chance to turn that data into double-digit percentage increases in gas output. Miami Children's Hospital is testing a tablet app that allows for remote doctor visits, because it sees the potential for a new revenue source.

We see in all our profiles of InformationWeek 500 companies the very practical ways they're using IT to drive their businesses. But just as important, the information we collect from surveying 500 business IT innovators provides a reality check on the most hyped trends. What follows are some surprising things we learned about cloud, data analytics and mobile from this year's IW 500 research.

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