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[FreeBook] Network Security

Aug 18, 2020

Network Security is relevant for those looking for understanding on several relevant topics such as authentication, mobile operating systems, and cyber resilience. The new edition also provides a brand new set of must-know fundamentals and tips.

This book features content from a range of CRC Press publications, including:

• Introduction to Computer and Network Security Navigating Shades of Gray, By Richard R. Brooks
• Managing A Network Vulnerability Assessment, By Thomas R. Peltier, Justin Peltier, John A. Blackley
• Network and Data Security for Non-Engineers, By Frank M. Groom, Kevin Groom, Stephan S. Jones
• Intrusion Detection and Prevention for Mobile Ecosystems, By Georgios Kambourakis, Asaf Shabtai, Constantinos Kolias, Dimitrios Damopoulos
• Handbook of e-Business Security, By Joao Manuel R.S. Tavares, Brojo Kishore Mishra, Raghvendra Kumar, Noor Zaman, Manju Khari
• Flexible Network Architectures Security Principles and Issues, By Bhawana Rudra

Network Security is brought to you by CRC Press - Taylor and Francis Group. It contains a collection of curated content from some of our bestselling books and leading experts.